Aidmodels/chatbot is provided as an example for chatbot.


  • [Install package] Run aid install to fetch the required file. It will be downloaded to ~/.autoai/.aid/models/aidmodels/Chatbot.

  • [Generate required files] Switch into the directory ~/.autoai/.aid/models/aidmodels/Chatbot, run aid gen to generate the required dockerfile and runners.

  • [Build Docker image and create containers] Run aid build chatbotSolver inside the package directory, and run aid create aid-{No.}-aicamp-chatbot-chatbotsolver {PORT}. Here the No. will be 1 by default (It will also appear in your terminal after you run aid build). You can specify any port here, as long as it is not occupied.

Start and Provision

  • [Start the container] Run docker start {Container_No.}, here the Container_No. is the number that was given after aid create.


  • [Test the Inference Service] Run curl -X POST -F input="three plus five is"{PORT}/infer in your terminal and check the results. Here the PORT is what you specified in Step 3.