Command Line Utility

Build from Source

The command line utility is written in Golang. In order to build the utility, you will need to have Golang > 1.12.

We use go mod to manage third-party dependencies, so you will need to have it enabled.

To install cutting-edge version of AID, we recommend you to build it from source.

  1. Pull/Clone/Download the whole repository. (git pull
  2. Switch into the command line utility source code. (cd aid/components/cmd)
  3. To build for testing, switch to the entry folder. (cd entry), and build the source code with go build.
  4. To build for production and multiplatform, you can manually set go build envs, but we recommend you stay in aid/components/cmd and run
  5. You will have to binary ready inside entry for testing or in aid/components/cmd/dist for production.

Note that building from source is not promised to be stable and may incur unknown issues, bugs. Use it with CAUTION!


After installation the cli program, please run aid init to create the required folder, and database structure.