Privacy And Data Protection

We acknowledge the privacy data is very important to our users. In this page, we will carefully introduce the relevant information about your privacy.

Collected Data

We only collected only a small amount of your personal data for analysis and bug tracking. The data we collected generally includes:

  • Running Status, Errors, and Exceptions. This is used to help us improve the performance and resolve bugs.
  • Cookies. We collect your cookies when you log in to any of our website. This is used to let our system "knows" you to provide you with personalized services such as personal settings.
  • Personal Information. When you registered at our website, your personal information, includes but not limited to, E-mail, Mobile Phones, Name will be collected. This information will be used to help us contact you. Sometimes, we run security checks on a routine basis, and with your personal information, we could reach you as soon as possible to avoid any loss to you and your account.

How it will be used?

The information we collect will be used to improve our performance and experience. We collect running status to monitor if there is any bug inside of our software. And we collect some personal information to help our system know you better and provide personalized service.

Since some of our services are built upon third-party software, we have to share some of your information with them. Details are as below:

  • The running status, exceptions, bugs, and errors will be stored at Sentry
  • User information, including email and password will be stored at Amazon Cognito

Disclaimer We do not have control to the services above, therefore, you may need to refer to their privacy policy if you would like to know more about how your information are used by them. Upon your request, we can request them to manipulate your data. Under no circumstances, we can request them to manipulate your data without your request.

Turn it Off

You can turn the tracking systems off as you wish, by either switching it off manually in ~/.autoai/.aid/config.toml, or in the web ui.

Data Deletion

Since you have the total right of your data, you can request us to delete your data. If you need to do so, please kindly send an email to [email protected]. Upon your request, we will start the deletion process.


We put your privacy the first place, if you found any problems in the privacy declaration, please kindly send us a note at [email protected].