Getting Started

Install AID

See Releases

Install a package

Run aid install {Package Name} to fetch the required file. It will be downloaded to ~/.autoai/.aid/models/{Vendor}/{Package}.

Build Docker image and create containers

Run aid build {Vendor}/{PackageName}/{solverName}, and run aid create aid-{No.}-{Vendor}-{Package}-{SolverName} {PORT}. Here the No. will be 1 by default (It will also appear in your terminal after you run aid build). You can specify any port here, as long as it is not occupied.

Start the web server

Run docker start {Container_No.}, here the Container_No. is the number that was given after aid create.


Run curl -X POST -F input="{Input}" -F file=[email protected]{PORT}/infer in your terminal and check the results. Here the PORT is what you specified in above steps.

Batch Inference

Run curl -X POST -F [email protected]{PORT}/batch in your terminal to call the batch inference service.