These clients are not thoroughly tested yet. There might be problems.


You probably already have curl installed. You can try to interact with AID as below:

curl -X POST -F [email protected]

Python Client#

You can install the Python client by using pip install mlpm_client.

An example of using the Python client to interact with AID is illustrated below:

Example of Python Client
from mlpm_client import Client
c = Client('')
with open('test.jpg', 'rb') as file:
r = c.create_requests('aidmodels', 'image_encoding', 'encodingSolver',
{'file': file})
result =

NodeJS/JavaScript Client#

Example of Javascript Client
let httpc = new HTTPClient("");
httpc.addPayload("text", this.state.textValue);
httpc.send().then(function (res) {
// do something